Honeysuckle is my word for the day

Thank you, Fabiano Meneghetti.  Out of your one post on Abduzeedo yesterday, I found so many things to love.

I’m basically reblogging his post, just with my own comments.  When least unnecessary. (That phrase is confusing, but accurate)

By Jeremy Geddes
By Cristian Valverde
by Rudiger Trost

I especially loved Rudiger Trost’s 365-day blog.  I don’t know if it’s just the splash page of close-up, colorful or clever pictures, or the translucent fuchsia logo in the upper left-hand corner, but, in a word, to me, it’s…refreshing. Like visual orange juice every day.


This was from a feature on website sliders, but what I really liked was the chubby, feminine font.

Puma House by Nendo

Ah, Puma.  Smart design choices.  I would love to get lost in this place. Hopefully, with a thousand dollars.

Color of the Year

It is a cheery color.

Behavior Model from Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab

I. Am. Very. Fortunate. To have come across the whole universe of Interaction Design.  Yes, it is going to be a widely popular (and, potentially, overused and abused) field in the next decade.  But, Lord, please, please help me ride the crest of the first wave, if ever.  I will work hard.  Finally, something that marries my interest in technical psychology or neuroscience tidbits and design for better usage.  Great professional site/blog from Stephen Anderson.  Wise, wise man.  I will have to start a consumer culture Rockstars series.

FitText by Paravel

I don’t know anything about web design yet, but this just seems convenient off the bat.

Hyper Island Featurette



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