5 finds for the day

I am glad to have found Think.Big and DesignLov.  They led me to my favorite finds for today.

1.  I’m not video editing/tech-savvy enough to tell whether this has breached the limits of “analog” creation.  But I am floored just by imagining the effort that went into this if this were created in a handcrafted way (meaning actual paper cutouts).


2.  Ah, branding and packaging design. How I love thee.

Particularly when it involves stark and simple type and images with playful copy.

Amazing job, Tom Pregiato.

– Also, this mimimalist branding project from Atrepo Studios.  This would make a great exercise in terms of sifting and distilling concepts.

More great work from Antrepo!

3.  Vitamin Talent

Clever name.  Snazzy site.  Smart concept.

Got to see them because of this infographic.

4.  Pattern Matters.  One of the most visually arresting sites I’ve seen today.  I may be biased though, because I like spectrums of color and echoed lines.  I guess they’re like visual counterparts of rocking back and forth.

5.  And certain examples of work that I liked:


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