Surf Trail: From the Gizmodo Gift Guides

Just a few favorites.

1. Yes.  Why hadn’t people come up with this sooner?  Why did we ever need to have a separate dish for soy sauce, Haha!

This is going to be really hard to wash.  Unless, it’s supposed to be disposable.

Sauce-Dispensing Chopsticks via Gizmodo

2.   What greater way to humiliate people or pressure yourself over the holidays than a weighing scale that directly hooks up to the Internet to publish each weigh-in using charts!

Withings WiFi Scale via Gizmodo

3. This is just cute.  A lamp that changes color according to where you place it.  Go, Thinkgeek!  This is one of those gifts that you wished was around when you were nine.  I would have loved this.  Well. I still kind of do.

Huey the Colorchanging Lamp via OhGizmo

3.  Stuff for the Spy Kit you always wanted!  A “Swiss Army” key (a knife, screwdriver and bottle opener).  A video camera that looks like a lighter.  An Uzi Pen, which takes an attacker’s DNA when you defend yourself with it (and is made from aircraft aluminum!).

Utili-Key via ThinkGeek
Uzi Pen via ThinkGeek
Spycam Lighter Camera via ThinkGeek

*  And in the off-chance that you, like me, want to inflict your music on people, like what happens (usually with happy results) in the fantasy world of music videos…

Personal Soundtrack Shirt by ThinkGeek

4.  A “baby cry analyzer”.  I would love to see if this really works.  Hopefully, I get to get my hands on these by the time I actually have my own family.  Granted that it’s actually successful in matching the crying patterns a baby makes.  I’ve tried to do the same for my kittens before.

WhyCry Baby Analyzer via ThinkGeek

5.  So that you have scientific proof when things are getting too tough at work…a mouse with a built-in blood pressure monitor.

MDMouse via OhGizmo

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