Surf Trail: Oh Joy! Eats

That Oh Joy! Eats blog is really interesting.  How do they come up with all of these features?!?!?!

I want to be able to corner these people and ask them how they get their information.  They led me to all these great blogs.

1. DesignLoveFest

“where type and images totally make out”.  Great platform for all sorts of type and design finds.  Has an overtly girlish tone, which is probably a successful part of its blog branding.

Nice Package - Packaging Feature on DesignLoveFest

2. Rachel Bee Porter – link in image

Really great pictures of decadent food smashed onto colorful floors.

via OhJoy Eats

3.  angela and ithyle

Sweet simple doodles.

"Balloons in Love" - from angelaandithyle

4. What Katie Ate

Probably one of my new favorite bloggers.  I wish there was a favorites Tab on this theme.  I saw this on DesignLoveFest.

I love her pictures.  I love her food blog and her design blog.  Both have great photography, and interesting information, image and blog links.

I think her images are always cozy, with a fresh breeze coming through.  She captures that perfect atmosphere to cook and bake, and the nitty-gritty beautiful details when making food.

from What Katie Ate

5.  Desserts for Breakfast

The name itself already piques my interest.  I might not personally be attracted to the specific recipes that Ms. Stephanie creates, but I love her concept and brave creativity! Enough to regularly check what new things she comes up with!

Candy Salad - DessertsForBreakfast

6. Toasty Biscuit

Like the “What Katie…” blogs, Toasty Biscuit has a visual art/style blog and a food blog.  Her photos are warm and, for some reason, distinctly feminine.

7.  Two Spoons

Which I checked out because I saw on an elephantine blog post that it has a great recipe for flourless chocolate cake.

Two Spoons' Flourless Chocolate Cake

8. Milk and Honey Cafe

This is a quiet, but beautiful blog from Sarah Yoon.  I like her openness and her real-life appetizing photos.  She also has a cool barbecue chicken recipe.

Milk and Honey Cafe - French Toast

9.  Cook & Book as Featured on then Kitsune Noir


11. Places on the net that just sound nice — I love the “breakfast” tag.  Blogs with “breakfast” categories have a special cushy place in my heart.  Breakfast is that meal that, beyond being the advised “most important meal”, just has so many associations and memories of cool sun, youth and happy times with our moms and television.  Sort of like the day counterpart of my associations with “milk” (which is more “night”).

via the Shutterbean "Breakfast" tag

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