Surf Trail: Waffles, drawings and apples oh my.

1.  Abstract City – Cristoph Neimann’s  New York Times blog/ column.

Really witty.  He knows just what little bits of experience to poke fun at.

Cristoph Neimann - Red Eye
Link to "The Boys and The Subway"

2.  Ideo Patterns

This month, it’s “mimicking the web’s fluidity“.

It’s such a great use of the Internet (Yes, along with many other things.  Like porn.  According to Avenue Q.).

OpenIDEO, especially, does an amazing job tapping the power of the connected generation, and driving its own branding and values at the same time.  And for armchair or international “participants” like me, it just makes you feel involved in something bigger, something brilliant.

3.  I enjoy “taglines”.  Or well “about profiles”, “summaries” – I don’t really know what they’re called.  Maybe I just enjoy people talking eloquently about themselves.  Maybe because it resonates with how much I enjoy talking about myself (not necessarily eloquently).  i like how people can string together sometimes 7 to maybe 30 words that already accurately and still beautifully state what something is about.

Chip Kidd – This is Who I Am

Nikole Herriott – forty-sixth at grace

Nikole Herriott - "On magic"

Michael Williams – I really enjoy his writing tone in acontinuouslean.

“Part of me thinks Etsy was deliberately designed to repel men. I know reading that must make the Etsy people cringe, but you have to agree that it is not the most “rugged” of places.” – Michael Williams

4.  The photography blogs I found from the blue hour (which already has great photographs itself)!

I like the quiet but cool coziness in jollygoo, the dusky Americana moments on a baker’s daughter, the fun foodie items on OhJoy Eats, myfunnyeye‘s quirkiness, and the almost flawlessly consistent quietness of that’s just it photo.

from Oh Joy
"the french cafe" - hiki. (jollygoo.blogspot)
"such good moments" - anna (daughterofabaker.blogspot)
"Move It!" - famapa (myfunnyeye.blogspot)
Monday. - Tim Robison Jr. (thatsjustitphoto)

5. Must remember to follow The Urban Grocer.  I can’t believe I forgot this place.  All sorts of features and commentary on food trends, packaging, whatnot.

6.  And for my favorite fun find of the day!

The Waffleizer!

One of the most amusing seemingly random things I’ve found in a while.  I love the Internet!  Where else can you see a little place in the world, that isn’t driven by some corporation, where you have some waffle fiends just enjoying putting whatever they want in a waffle iron and writing about it (and posting nice photographs)!  Ah, Internet.  Thank you for moments like this.

Waffleburgers - from Waffleizer

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