Grab bag.

And back to being a mish-mash of links, for now.

1.  Intricate dollhouse interiors, by Georgia Smith.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the creator’s personal site.  The wallpaper and textile details are really fun.

Georgia Smith via frankie magazine

2. Also from the creamcolouredponies blog.  I love the muggy-but-fresh-smelling city atmosphere in this picture.

via creamcoloredponies.blogspot

3.  Just a link to a blog I will track for future updates.

4.  Cool, to a point.  I love the cheeky branding.  (I also apparently really like the word “cheeky”.)


5.  Sandwich ingredients, warm light, a checkered shirt and meat slicers.  I love the components of this picture.  Youngna Park, you captured what seemed like a random moment, and showed how beautiful it actually was.

Photo by Youngna Park












6.  I know someone who would like this.  I intend to see what else Rob Morris comes up with, or I’ll dig into his blog more and see what other fun stuff I find.via

“Actually, I should clarify this — most ideas are worthless to you, and on their own.” – Rob Morris, HiiDef Inc. via digitalmash and impressonme

8.  The power of the Internet.  I will blog more extensively about this someday.  But I love how the already democratic and involving threadless concept is even breeding more participatory partnerships like this…

9.  Just a nice and cheesy place to visit.

10.  I find it amazing that color striations can already imply so much.

Dan Kenneally "Lunchbox" via nylonblog

2 thoughts on “Grab bag.

  1. Cheeky is one of the best words in existence! A checkered shirt a chalkboard filled with sandwiches and a meat slicer is indeed living art. You have a great eye and a design mind.

    Dig the dollhouse interiors too. I have always had a fascination for doll houses.


    1. Oh no, I do hope I’m not misleading people into thinking that I’m taking these photos 😦 These are really amazing photos I find on the web, and yes I do agree that that shot’s photographer (Youngna Park) has a great eye.
      Wuhoo another fan of the word “cheeky”! This is probably more appropriate for an email correspondence — but I thank you so much for the compliments. Except, I’ve always wondered how one can say that a person has a “design mind”? I’ve just been curious about what that entails. I’ll go try to look it up. Thank you!

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