Random surf collection!

Two years ago, I started following this site where two friends take pictures of their day and post diptychs of each of their pictures.  It was the “home” site of my browser then.  But when my Internet connection at the office was cut-off, I didn’t get to follow them anymore.

And, now, in 2010, I’m happy to find that they now have a quarterly out.  Go Stephanie and Mav!

I found them again!

Still disorganized.  Tempted to purchase organization/decluttering self-help books.  But i already have one. And like seven other various self-help-y books I haven’t finished (Flow, The Different Drum, Unfolding the Napkin, Made To Stick, What Color Is Your Parachute?, Is It Too Late To Run Away and Join The Circus? – sorry, I have some sort of an addiction to second-hand book shops.  Unhealthy.).  Well, except How To Eat Like A Tree, I finished that, loved it, but failed to apply it consistently to my life.  I am so sorry.

Coffee Bench from design-milk


via designcrushblog
For Paul.

the coolest little girl's birthday party. probably ever.
This has reeeally nice pictures.
Stickin' it to The Man!
Places for you to visit, Mikey.

from designcrushblog


Chicken Noodle Soup by Sangamon-Cooks


Food Blog Challenge entry from joeandbetsy.com


Another blast from the past - m Barcelona
geometric print from Tina Kalivas


Why does it still look glamorous when a model's hair is all disheveled?
via japangadgetshop.com

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