Surf Trail: There was a time in my life

1. …When I would have killed (ok, too strong a word)…maybe thwacked someone with a get shirts like these.


2.  And in other news, more great finds from impressonme.  Created by Flowtown.


3.  On-point headline.  It is the end of an era.  I remember when the coolest thing for me was owning a translucent (body plus earphones) Sony Walkman, with an “exo-skeleton” carrying case that could be clipped onto it.  I really hope I have it somewhere with me, because it’ll apparently be a future collector’s item. VIA

4. For Paul.

2.5.  Dang it, that Flowtown blog is nice.  (Yes, I used the word “nice”.  I didn’t want to use “great”, I considered using “smart” and “addicting”; but I didn’t want to hype them up too much.)

5. Back to ImpressonMe


Also via Polkadot, and Kitsune-Noir on Polyvore



6.  Then, oddly, I will link to articles related to business/management.


2 thoughts on “Surf Trail: There was a time in my life

  1. This is awesome! I love the hierarchy of needs. You’re right your blog is a great combination of various things. Do you find these via effective browsing, or is there a specific set of resources you have? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m a bit…low-tech, to tell you the truth (I even had to look up if “effective browsing” was a techie term with a specific meaning), so I think whatever combination of links I get is a result of just being gung-ho about finding things on the Internet. Basically, loving all the things I get to “re-blog” about – online media habits, food, design. Sadly, I’m not able to put insight along with the posts yet. Thanks for asking!

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