A site about color!


It’s a corporate channel, but I don’t mind — I appreciate how it consolidates color trends and whatnot in an internet location.


Ok, so I initially thought it was an-HP affiliate — Because of which, I was about to congratulate HP on the marketing effort.  But, if it is an HP affiliate, it is a well-concealed one (i.e. pretends to be just HP-sponsored, instead of HP-directed) — because, according to the About page, it’s a site run by the Colourlovers (ChromaOm- “The New Global Colour Autjority”).  It was founded by Darius Monsef, formerly with Microsoft LiveLabs (which I recently read about in Fast Company), who was frustrated after taking up a colour theory class.

Altogether a fun website to look at and get ideas from, especially for design enthusiasts-but-laypersons like me.

My favorite pages:

The Most Powerful Colors in the World
Etsy Store Banners & Creating Complementing Business Identities
Finding Creative Publishing & Distribution Outlets, and 5 Colorful Indie Mags Who've Already Found One
Prague's Colorful Metro Stations
Using Color to Increase Participation

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