I missed the Internet

I still need to work on my title and posts.

1. This makes me feel better!

Chris Guillebeau: Balanced People Don’t Change the World

2. So that‘s his name. Bob Moss.

3. For people like me. who can’t make visual witticisms with our Photoshop skills. via

4. Fun.

Yeondoo Jung




6. Haha!

via dacamaca.tumblr
from The-Sweetest-Surreal MyModernMet blogs




9.  Wuhoo marketing advice.  “Their walls grow stronger, reinforced by the plaster of bad experiences.”

10. Whoa. LSD-laced Gummi Bears.  Sad and interesting.

11. Rainbow heaven!

Tokushu Tokai Paper Headquarters



13.  Smart. And beautiful.


Find the form that releases your best intelligence. Don’t be afraid of your own mind.

Forms serve the culture; when they die, they die for a good reason: they’re no longer embodying what it’s like to be alive. If reality TV manages to convey something that a more manifestly scripted and plotted show doesn’t, that’s less an affront to writers than a challenge.”

David Shields

15. David Chang advice

“2. Be honest with yourself and try not to placate to the masses. What you’ve done has already been done before, so try to do it better.

3. Focus on trying to make it right. At the end of the day, the odds are against you, if you’re going to go out of business at least you can do it with integrity.

4. Don’t make excuses. Don’t let the economy be an excuse. This is still a business and you need to hold yourself accountable. The first year is the hardest, and you can’t have an excuse. Nobody cares. People want the product and you have to deliver the product with integrity. It’s what we strive for.”


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