Apparently, we still do not have big enough burgers

I just saw this on CNNMoney, but apparently the “Pizza Burger”‘s been around for a number of days.

And these are all the sites that covered its entry into the world.  A lot of stuff’s been said about it already – from being initially referred to as rat carcasses; the “fast food answer to the locavore movement”; “New York-centric”… I want to see what else this food idea might spawn…

via Gawker


“The New York Pizza Burger ($12.99), edible chimera, is the Dangermouse of fast food. It’s an homage to New York created by a Texan corporate chef in Miami for transient tourists to the city. The Burger is available only in New York for the moment— Chef Sullivan’s “fast food translation of the locavore movement” — but, pending its success, might be rolled out nationwide.” – Eater

About its fellow BK newborn, the Meat Beast Whopper: “The Meat Beast Whopper was exactly that. Coming in at around 1,250 calories, the Beast piles pepperoni and bacon on top of a quarter-pound beef patty. It’s probably too much meat, even for an animal flesh fanatic.” – The Huffington Post

Pizza or Burger? – DailyMail Online


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