Sensory overload surf time!

Procrastinating while sitting in my sleeping clothes; eating local chocolate truffle ice cream, setting up the diffuser (with my favorite cinnamon-orange room fragrance) and surfing through pop culture trend blogs.

Dilly-dally heaven.

(I have to organize my blog posts better.)

1. From DailyCandy

Rich Brilliant Willing DIY Chandelier

2. From ConstantBeta

“According to their research, inspirational leaders have four unexpected qualities and I do think they are worth sharing here…” – Why Should Anyone be Led by You? by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones

3. Aaaagh! I’ve been fantasizing about a more layman-friendly blog like this! (Yes, for packaging-design laypersons like me)

Understory Chocolatiers


4. From The Apartment

“from a very young age, and much against the will and patience of their easily-satisfied ears, i have tried to challenge my children’s aural appreciation of the world…” – Stefan Boublil

5. Fragrance brief (“Stylin’ “?!?)

6. Signature Nivea smell


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