And…we’re back.

I went on an Internet diet.

About 5 months ago, I realized it was just too much – I’d spend hours of office time a week, mesmerized by blogs and links that I’d compulsively keep jumping to.  My own little ever-expanding slice of the world, every day.

It sucked me in, and not even the social networking part of it, or the e-mail/ chat functions – it was really the surfing.  The sheer excitement of seeing new thing upon new thing upon new thing discussed by experts and commoners from all over the globe, whether in real time or even posts that are 7 years old.

After just three weeks of not going online, I missed hearing new music the most (out of all the things I got from the web).  My favorite mp3 blogs supplied me with locally-obscure-but-globally-mainstream songs on a regular basis.  And now all I had were heavy doses of TikTok and Bad Romance (which aren’t that much worse than some of the stuff I also come across).

But, yes, apparently, I’m back.  A number of reasons – (1) having a mini-immersion in the (cultural and emotional) uprootedness that some loved ones must feel when physically away from their families, and (2) because having shut myself off from a more appropriate “sounding board”, I think I’ve tormented my office mates all too much with my opinions.

This is my way of easing their burden and putting my opinions in a sphere where people can actually opt to read what I say instead of getting reluctantly bombarded by them any time I want.

Besides, I’ve lived off the generosity of the online world for way too long to hoard all the information in my many, many Word files.  As much as I’d hate to admit it, apparently, I guess I am an attention-seeker (as I’ll expound more on in future posts).


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